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Bill Connors

Bill Connors, EVPGM, Red Bull

Bill Connors is a current Executive Vice President & General Manager at Red Bull North America.  His nearly 20 years with the Brand coincide with the establishment and meteoric growth of the Energy Drink category and the Red Bull Brand in the US.  In his current role, Bill oversees a 200+ sales and marketing organization dedicated to giving wiiings to people and ideas.  He got his start at Red Bull as a field marketing manager introducing Red Bull to consumers on the streets of his hometown of Boston.  Prior to his current role, Bill was a Vice President of Marketing and Head of Brand Marketing for the US.  In addition to introducing him to his wife and providing a rich and diverse integration of work and life, Red Bull has offered Bill the opportunity to work in, and subsequently foster, an environment that promotes an entrepreneurial mindset and celebrates risk taking.